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Evo, a patented pot, first and unique to have strong personality

The best ideas come from the needs and proven tests! One production, the pots for nursery, that we of Bamaplast, are Evolving in a more technical and innovative way.

Evo has a particular shape of the bottom carefully designed to ease the use with any potting machine, for easy packing with plastic bags or net bags.

Evo raises completely the plant from the ground and, thanks to its unique drilling system guarantees the protection of the roots from the attack of pests and weeds, while facilitating a perfect air circulation to the roots.

Only a great passion for our work and attention to our customers, allowed us to devise Evo, a new way of cultivation!

Art. ø in. h. in. gal. Colours
Art. 24/VE 9,45 9,45 2,51